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Volunteers – We need you! We have at least three exciting volunteer opportunities in our Hub and with our partners at Shropshire Rural Community Council (RCC).

Who are we looking for?

If you are deaf or have family/professional experience with hearing loss then The Hub could offer a perfect opportunity for you. We are looking for people who care about hearing loss and can offer support and understanding to others. You don’t need any qualifications and full training will be given. Of course, you will need to have a little time spare and desire to make things better!

What would you be doing?

Role 1 – Support & information volunteers

You will receive visitors to The Hub, give them a warm welcome and find out how we can help. You’ll direct the visitor to the appropriate service in The Hub or even help them out yourself using your knowledge and the skills picked up in our training. This may involve signposting to another service or simply sharing information, having a chat and listening. Just sharing some time with someone that understands them will be a great help to our visitors.

Role 2 – Repair volunteers

The Shropshire RCC maintains a pool of volunteers that offer hearing aid repair and re-tubing services. These services will now be available in The Hub as well as in people’s homes. Full training is given by experts and you’ll have a buddy to help you through early on. This is a great opportunity to help out with something really practical. For more information, contact the Shropshire RCC on 01743 360641 or e-mail

Role 3 – Technical volunteers

You would probably be a little technically minded for this role and have an interest in gadgets and also like explaining how things work to people. You’d help visitors to The Hub by showing them assistive devices that may help with their hearing loss and help them access professional assessments where appropriate.

What will you get out of it?

Volunteering is good for your wellbeing, both your mind and body, it builds confidence and social skills as well as helping you make friends and connections in the community. It helps develop skills and shows potential employers that you have relevant experience and abilities. On top of all that you will be helping others, which will of course make you smile!


Contact us for more details.