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Hearing Aid Repair

Our staff have been trained by Shropshire NHS Audiology to be able to re-tube and carry out minor repairs to NHS hearing aids. If you are passing Signal: The Hub and your hearing aids need re-tubing or a basic repair, then please do drop in during our opening hours (9am-5pm, Monday to Friday). We can support you to solve the problem and, if we cannot fix it there and then, we will direct you to the people who can.

Some simple hearing aid repairs are explained in the video below:

Video credit: Boys Town National Research Hospital

For more complicated hearing aid repairs, please book an appointment directly with NHS Audiology. If you are a Shropshire NHS Audiology patient, then you can request to be seen at one of its regular clinics at Signal: The Hub when making the booking. To contact Shropshire NHS Audiology, please telephone 01743 261 482 (Shrewsbury) or 01952 282 804 (Telford), send an SMS to 07913 798 467 or email

Please note that if you are a private audiology patient, or an NHS patient who has been supplied by a private audiologist, for example, one of the high street providers, then you must contact your original hearing aid provider about re-tubing and repairs.